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Employee leasing

We offer employee leasing services to customers in the construction, steel works, industrial and hospitality industries. We conduct the employment, payroll processing and all other administrative tasks to ensure our customers have access to a ready-to-work employee, all in accord with applicable European law.

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Employee recruitment

POLAND WORKFORCE offers full recruitment services of candidates according to the client specifications. We search for candidates, conduct interviews and verify their skills in practice. We stand out due to effectiveness, which is guaranteed by our five stage recruitment process as well as an extensive database of candidates, numbering 65000 CVs.

Temporary residence and work permit

Procedures for employing foreigners from outside the EU in Poland can be complicated. We will take care of all official formalities and obtain appropriate work and residence permits. Our service is dedicated primarily to companies wishing to recruit citizens of Ukraine.

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Should you outsource recruitment?

Agencies have broader knowledge and spend more time in the market to find the right talents for your businesses. If you look for a worker from the east of Europe, we know what an excellent candidate looks like. This means getting right on to business and reducing project delays.


For a small business, recruiting for new staff members on its own may put a strain on your resources. Outsourcing your hiring needs may be a more cost-efficient alternative.

Why choose Poland Workforce?

At POLAND WORKFORCE we know the value of a good employee. If your company is looking for such people, we invite you to partner with us!

We offer our clients staffing solutions tailored to the needs of our clients and to the changing market requirements. Years of experience in the EU temporary employment market enable us to quickly and efficiently process any orders.

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Choose POLAND WORKFORCE and benefit from:
  • Reduced fixed costs of employment
  • Access to more than 65 000 candidates of different nationalities in selected specialisations
  • Saved time and minimum formalities
  • Billing forms adapted to your business
  • Quick and efficient processing orders
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