Temporary employment agency POLAND WORKFORCE


Since 2005, we have cooperated so far with 700 companies and more than 15000 employees. JOIN US AND FIND THE BEST STAFF NOW!


We conduct the recruitment process, employment, payroll processing and all other administrative tasks to ensure our customers have access to a ready-to-work employee, all in accord with applicable European law.

We specialise in four sectors:

CONSTRUCTION The construction industry workers must be professional and punctual. We fulfill our clients' orders with proven and experienced employees. Thanks to our candidates, each project will be successful.
PRODUCTION We recruit or delegate qualified employees from the production industry, thus contributing to the development of our clients. We also specialize in posting employees from Central and Eastern Europe.
INDUSTRY & STEEL WORKS Welder, warehouse worker, electrician or mechanic? POLAND WORKFORCE has the knowledge and competence to reach the best specialist for each position. We offer good working conditions.
HOSPITALITY We provide employee recruitment and leasing services for every position in the tourism industry. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can reach the best employees. We effectively recruit qualified and committed personnel.

POLAND WORKFORCE : Your temporary employment partner
Since 2005 we have been placing our staff to work within companies across the European Union, fully respecting the provisions of the European law in regards to employment posting.

We offer our customers a comprehensive range of employee leasing services. This includes professional recruitment, transport and accommodation arrangements, employment of a worker for a period of time consistent with customer’s expectations and placement of a ready-to-work personnel.