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We have cooperated so far with 400 companies and more than 5000 employees.

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POLAND WORKFORCE Group – Your temporary employment partner

For 9 years now we have been placing our staff to work within companies across the European Union, fully respecting the provisions of the European law in regards to employment posting.

We offer our customers a comprehensive range of employee leasing services. This includes professional recruitment, transport and accommodation arrangements, employment of a worker for a period of time consistent with customer’s expectations and placement of a ready-to-work personnel.

We specialise in four sectors:
praca budownictwo oferty pracy Francja Niemcy Polska
praca przemysł oferty pracy Francja Niemcy Polska
branża konstrukcyjna praca oferty pracy Francja Niemcy Polska
praca turystyka oferty pracy Francja Niemcy