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If you choose the employee leasing we will:

Employee Leasing with Poland Workforce

  • recruit and hire employees according to your needs and requirements
  • organize the transportation for your employees (to the country of work and everyday transportation on the route accommodation-work) and accommodation
  • fill in the employee documentation and pay salaries
  • make sure that all procedures are proceeded in accordance with the law

Why should you use our service?



Huma resources and accounting services are highly timeconsuming. We will take over all the responsibilities connected with including salary payments or sick leaves. We also organize accommodation and transportation for employees.

We have unique and diverse sources of reaching candidates. Two offices in Poland, recruitment points in Romania and Ukraine, and partners in Russia, Moldavia and Bangladesh. We are also the official partner of Vietnamese Ministry of Labour.


Our consultant will quickly diagnose the needs of your organization and will help you efficiently reach the right people.

Immediate responses

We are well-versed in current law and procedures regarding hiring foreigners. With our experience you don’t have to delve into crabbed law regulations – with us you are safe.

We manage to complete as many as 91% of orders, with 95% of employmentcontracts being successful

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Working with Poland Workforce, step by step:

Filling in the checklist

After receiving the pricing, you will be provided with detailed information about employee leasing costs. The influence on the final pricing has not only standard stakes but also amongst other costs of the local accommodations or the number of people you want to hire.


Once we agree on the conditions of our cooperation, you will sign the contract and we will begin the recruitment process. You will receive from us a framework contract and the rest of documentation regarding posting of workers.

Undertaking of cooperation and signing of the contract

Thanks to your answers we can initially evaluate how much time the recruitment process will take and prepare the pricing. Each case is unique, so we are not able to provide you with a fixed price for example “for the welder”.

Candidates verification

Prepare for the day when new employees start to work in your company. You don’t have to do anything special – the first day of their work looks the same in case of a posted and a regular employee who you hire independently.

New employees

Every employee is obliged to fill in the timesheet. He fills it with his working hours and breaks. His salary and your bills are counted based on this sheet. We will determine how his days off will be counted during the negotiation of agreement conditions.

Counting the working hours

As soon as we find employees right for you, you will receive their CV with the information when they can start working. You are the one who makes the final decision – do you want them to work for you? If you do, we sign contracts with them and organize transportation.

About our company

Poland Workforce is an experienced temporary job agency. Since 2005 we have been successfully working on markets in Poland, French and Germany. Currently, we also started to develop in the Netherlands. Our experts consulted the EU Directive No 2014/67 and they are actively contributing to the field of temporary jobs.

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